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Online Marketing Conferences and Events – August 2020

The pivot to hosting formally in-person events, conferences and meetups to the online environment has been revolutionary. Here are is the marketing, advertising and business event collection for August 2020.

The opportunity to attend events locally and from around the world has been a unique opportunity in these times. We’re bringing you some of the best events from around the globe so you can still keep learning, improving your skills and networking!

If you want to plot out your entire 2020 marketing events calendar, head over to our Australian Marketing Conferences and Events Calendar. If there’s an event, conference or webinar we’ve missed submit the event here free.

Getting Started With Google Tag Manager

August 3, Online

Google Tag Manager is a free tool allowing you to quickly add ‘tags’ (code snippets) to your website or app for traffic analysis or marketing optimisation. Examples of tags include Google Analytics, AdWords conversions, remarketing / retargeting, Facebook tracking pixels, MailChimp goals, and many many more. Google Tag Manager makes managing and deploying these tags easy, and allows marketers to do so rather than being the sole domain of web developers / IT.

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How to Be An Effective Manager

August 4 , Online

Due to the fast pace of change today, many employees get thrust into managerial positions and immediately face numerous new challenges and responsibilities with little training. Ensuring that valuable individual contributors can adapt quickly into effective managers is critical to the long-term viability of every organization and is a fast track for an individual to pursue a more fulfilling career.

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Podcasting Workshop

August 5, Online

For thought leaders with a need to amplify their authority and expand their reach, podcasting is quickly becoming one of the best ways to communicate your ideas, your passion, and your unique insights to an engaged audience. In this interactive workshop, we will review all the aspects of launching your podcast. You’ll learn the importance of well-planned launch, as well as the keys to recording a professional sounding episode.

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ContentTECH Summit 2020

August 10, Online

Marketing has become chaotic and unpredictable. We’re ready to embrace it, and the effective use of content and technology are paramount. Our ContentTECH conference mission is clear: We want to show how the effective use of technology and better processes can help your strategic efforts to create, manage, deliver and scale your enterprise content and provide your customers with better digital experiences.

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Social Media Monitoring And Analytics: How, What, And Why

August 12, Online

Understanding metrics, stats and social analytics is key to creating, monitoring and adjusting social strategy and goals. With this in mind, digital marketers must know what they are looking for, which stats impact their previously set goals and how they can use analytics to fine-tune their content, engage with users and enhance their social presence.

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Video Production Fundamentals

August 12, Online

In the time constrained 21st century, we are relying less on words and more on images and moving pictures. Videos can communicate in a way print cannot. This course is an introduction into this crucial marketing format. Students will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of video as a communication medium, and also better understand the effectiveness of different video genres.

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Conversion Optimisation: Reaching Your Full Digital Potential Using Customer Data

August 13, Online

Data is the heartbeat of modern marketing. In its most distilled form data is the voice of your customers. Yet data is rarely used when trying to answer common dilemmas such as how to increase conversion rates, how optimise landing pages or deciding on website redesigns and rebuilds. In today’s interconnected world it is this data, opinions that should be dictating marketing strategy.

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Get To Know A CMO Series – Dean Gould

August 18, Online

AMI’s Livestream Chats bring together marketers across multiple industries and sectors to foster conversation and spark debate. AMI Livestream Chat events are held live and online, they consist of experts speaking on topics relevant to professionals. These topics can be within the marketing or professional sphere. The Chats are focused on a conversation around the topic, encouraging new perspectives, ideas and conversations.

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An Introduction To Major Principles Of ROI In Social Media Marketing

August 20, Online

A 90-minute look at the fundamental principles of what creates a return on investment in social media marketing.  Social media marketing is today an essential part of a marketer’s strategy for an appropriate marketing mix of channels to develop. No matter the industry type or vertical, there is a need to develop good social media skills and campaign know-how.

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World Summit On Artificial Intelligence AI 2020

August 24, Online

WSAI 2020 is a content-focused event. Every presentation – be it a poster or an oral one – is carefully vetted by our prestigious scientific committee. They ensure that the topics covered by the program are both informative and relevant. The success of the previous editions proves that when an event is created around high-quality content the attendees get real value out of the two days of the conference.

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Hack An SEO Plan In 90 Mins

August 24, Online

The success of any website depends on its ability to attract the right audience and convert them into sales and leads. SEO can be the most effective way to do this as it increases the discoverability of your website when your customers really need it. This is a practical, hands-on session in which you will create an SEO plan for your business.

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Build Your Website With Squarespace

August 27, Online

Are you an entrepreneur, blogger, photographer, designer or small business owner looking to build a beautifully designed website quickly and easily? This class will teach students the basics of the Squarespace platform including selecting templates, editing designs, managing content, and implementing advanced features like e-commerce.

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Photoshop Class For Beginners

August 31, Online

Photoshop is the industry standard photo image editing software for print and digital output. In this hands-on introductory workshop, we will walk through Photoshop’s basic capabilities and use tools and techniques to edit images and create visual design mock-ups – no design experience required! This workshop will help students visualise products and designs using Photoshop and learn some basic visual design tips.

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