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How to Win At Content Marketing in 2020

We have entered a new era of the digital age. Businesses are also evolving from traditional marketing that is losing its impact by becoming effective as less as possible. If you want to become a marketer with forward-thinking, you have to know what a better way is and that is content marketing.

Content marketing is actually a form of marketing approach. It is strategically focused on a valuable, relevant, and regular supply of content mostly on digital platforms. Content marketing targets, attract and retain a specific audience clearly defined.

As a content marketer, you may play with a collection of blogs, Tweets and web pages, but they are effective only partly. In the grand arrangement, there’s much more to content marketing. You have to go beyond social outreach, branding, and quality content.

It’s a new decade and with it comes new content marketing trends. You must be curious to know successful trends of content marketing that will be effective in 2020. Especially if you’re a digital marketing enthusiast. Don’t worry, as we are here going to outline five tips for content marketing in 2020 that you will need to focus on. You can make a successful project for marketing and generate a solid understanding. Please go through them to know how you can run a digital content campaign and content marketing.

Live-Streaming & Video Based Content

Thanks to popular video platforms like YouTube and social media platforms like IGTV and TikTok that has made a video and live-streaming an innovative trend. The trend is giving the hottest types of video content online right now, and it will only going to get bigger in 2020.

About 50% of the online traffic interested in watching video content more and more. Specifically, they support content from a brand or business they like. So, if you want the content marketing of a brand to be connectable and engaging, start incorporating more and content based on live-streaming and videos.

For better reach, reuse YouTube and TikTok video content as they connect well on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn social media platforms. Interact directly with the audience through the live-streaming with Facebook Live and Instagram Live for instance.

Improve Your Content and User Experience

It not acceptable to increase the frequency of your blogs only to enhance the success of your content marketing. There is fierce competition in the digital world regarding new content. You have to face the challenge and make your content stand out from the crowd of your competitors.

You can do it by focusing on the alteration and improvement in user experience. Make content extremely relevant, crisp and informative. And it should facilitate the user experience interference.

This is also called content experience that defines the relationship between content marketing and UX. Review your content and know how you can improve it on your website and in your strategies. Make sure that your content should be engaging enough for your readers to spend more time on it.

Use Dynamic Email Conversations

If you want to grow your relationship with any prospect, emails act as a blessing for any marketer. There are awesome email platforms that you can use for dynamic email conversations. They let you do email automation. You can create content based emails based on user-end behavioural triggers and send them. Include a personalised message with a merge tag for a better impression.

Visualise Your Data and Findings

The content becomes more powerful and engaging if it is with the improved reading experience. Your data will be standing out if you visualise your data and findings. The best example in this regard is infographics that summarise your key points visually and provide crispy information to the reader. The “shareability” of your post and content is enhanced through this strategy.
A complicated communication can become simple if you use visuals in your content marketing. In 2020, more and more brands are using infographics GIFs to present their data.

Adopt a Smarter SEO Approach

SEO is the backbone of content marketing. And it keeps on evolving. The year 2020 is the time to adopt a smarter search engine optimisation approach. Be more strategic with SEO and keep your focus on what matters more. Make small changes with a long-term impact.

Some tricks include:

  • Focus on discovering the long-tail and unique keywords to stand out
  • Improve your content quality and use keywords moderately in it
  • Use SEO-friendly tools and make the process easier
  • Stop focusing on position improvement and instead focus on uniqueness
  • Make your content conversational

The crux is that your end goal of SEO in content marketing strategy should always be delivering a great experience to the audience rather than achieving ranking at the search results.

Succeeding in Content Marketing in 2020

Remember that content marketing isn’t the only thing that faces revolution. The online traffic and people are also experiencing the change. Their needs are also continually evolving. So it would be best if you also kept yourself update with what they want. It is the best way to effective and engaging modern content marketing successfully.

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