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Google Spam Update, Site Name & Favicons, New Sponsored Ad Label and More

Google spam confirms an algorithm update targeted at fighting spam is rolling out to search results worldwide and in all languages. Google estimates the October 2022 spam update will take several days to roll out. Exact details about spam updates are rarely provided, except in cases where they target specific types of spam, such as last year’s link spam update. Google regularly rolls out spam updates to maintain the quality of its search results. Spam updates are designed to improve Google’s automated systems that are constantly running in the background to detect spam in search results.

Google Spam Update, Site Name & Favicons, New Sponsored Ad Label and More – New update 2024

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google spam
google spam

The Google October 2022 spam update, the first spam update since last November, started and was completed within 42 hours, I have more on that in the video. Google also has rolled out a new Site name and favicon design for the mobile search results, with new structured data. With that, Google has rolled out the new bold black “sponsored” ad label. On that label, Google is working on a fix for some favicons not displaying properly in Google Search. Google product panels are testing an expanded pricing detail interface. Google is also showing trending now on the shopping results. Google is testing the interactive knowledge panels directly in the auto-complete search drop-down box. Google is testing a new local find and also grouping photos by categories in the local panels. We are also seeing third-party appointment services hijacking the local business profiles links. Also, we are now seeing reviews being removed in mass from some local business profiles. Google is rolling out My Ad Center to all. Google Ads is working on decreasing invalid leads through Performance Max. Google Ads is testing a broad match-only setting, which upset many advertisers. Google Ads has three new reporting columns now. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to patreon.com/barryschwartz. That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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Google Spam Algorithm Update Rolling Out Now

If you’re following the Google Search Essentials, formerly known as the Google Webmaster Guidelines, it’s likely you don’t much much to worry about with respect to the October 2022 spam update.

google spam
google spam

It’s difficult to be guilty of spam, as per Google’s definition, without knowing about it. Google has a strict definition of what it considers spam, and it primarily includes low-quality sites that trick users into providing personal information or installing malware.

Spam updates also target phishing scams and other bad actors on the web that try to rank in search results by posing as highly relevant pages.

While webpages with thin content that add little value may be considered spammy, they do not meet Google’s definition of spam. Thin content is more likely to get hit by Google’s helpful content algorithm.

If you’re unsure what Google defines as spam, it’s worth reviewing the new Google Search Essentials.

With that said, even sites that follow Google’s Search Essentials are vulnerable to hacked spam. If a site is not adequately secured, it could be serving spam to users without knowing it.

google spam
google spam

If your site suddenly drops in rankings following the October 2022 spam update, it would be wise to examine your site’s security and look for signs of a possible attack.

When a site is hit by a spam update, its content is either demoted in search results or removed from Google’s index.

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google spam
google spam

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