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3 Examples Of Innovative Marketing Techniques Used In Australia

Marketing can be like a fine science, and devising innovative marketing strategies that consistently produce quality leads can be a challenge. Especially now that marketing has changed over the last two decades coinciding with the increase in digitalisation. And the new digital age requires new marketing ideas.

Your local retail store may not seem like an innovation hub, but the technology actually drives the majority of the marketing experience. To keep their customers coming back, there is an increasing amount of Australian companies who have added some uniquely exciting and cutting-edge marketing techniques.

Below are three innovative examples of Australian companies who are embracing emerging tech to provide an increasing amount of marketing value to customers.

1. Crystal Bathrooms – VR Bathroom Tour

Marketing innovation VR

Architecture terminology and building plans can be confusing for many people, so Crystal Bathrooms decided to embrace change as well as recent technological advances. By combining some software with a pair of VR goggles, they were able to provide their clients with a wide range of design options to explore inside virtual reality.

Crystal Bathrooms created a 3-dimensional version of their new bathroom for their clients to walk through in Virtual Reality. Customers can now be confident their newly renovated bathroom will look exactly how they expect before a deposit has even been paid.

2. NAB – Facial Recognition ATMs

Marketing innovation ATM

Collaborating together to design a proof of concept Automatic Teller Machine, Microsoft and NAB launched their ATM at the Sydney 2018 SIBOS conference which utilised the combined technologies of artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and cloud servers.

Developed with Azure Cognitive Services, the cloud-based application for these ATMs were designed specifically to improve the experience of customers by removing the requirement for phone apps or physical cards to withdraw cash. Any customer who has signed on to take advantage these concept ATMs should be able to withdraw cash using only a PIN number and their facial recognition technology.

3. X-Golf – Indoor Golfing In Comfort

marketing innovation VRX-Golf offers their customers unparalleled realism and accuracy thanks to a combination of state of the art indoor golf simulators, advanced gaming software, camera systems, impact sensors, and infrared lasers. With virtual reality gaming, food and beverages, golf lessons, competitions, memberships, and many other social events, X-Golf goes out of their way to provide their customers with the very ultimate experience for golfing as entertainment.

The most accurate simulator in the world, X-Golf NEX system utilises both high-speed cameras and high-speed light sensors to estimate real-world measurements of launch angle and ball direction, speed, and spin instantly in three dimensions. Pioneering the path for camera-based golf simulation, the X-Golf EYE machine has the abilities for a precise ball spin measurement for a remarkably accurate short game.

Innovation In Marketing

Modern marketing in the 21st century is unable to rely solely on outdated techniques such as direct mail, cold calling, and interactions face-to-face. Marketing is built not only on the media used for communications but the wants and needs of audiences.

Not only will cutting-edge marketing techniques likely keep you a step ahead of your main competitors, but they can often simplify marketing evaluation with easily accessible data analysis. By adapting to new state-of-the-art marketing techniques and technologies, your marketing team can get back to doing what they do best… marketing.

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