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This year we’ve had articles on website traffic, digital marketing mistakes, Google’s disavow tool, content that ranks, industry awards, sales referrals, reputation management, social listening, and that’s just the last few months!

We’re bringing you the top ten popular articles so you can catch up on the year that was 2019!

1. 6 Free Marketing Plan Templates

Free marketing plan templates

A marketing plan is a powerful, essential tool for all businesses. It’s your roadmap to brand recognition and can build your sales funnel. It can be hard to know where to start when creating your plan, especially when you’ve never created one before. Why not use a professional template to get started? Check out this collection of templates from Small Biz Trends, Smartsheet and

Start writing your 2020 marketing plan today.

2. 7 Free Marketing Budget Templates

Free Marketing Budget Templates

Now you have your marketing plan sorted, you need to do a marketing budget. It’s a financial plan and estimate of the costs involved in your promotional activities for your business and products/services. Unsure where to start? is here to help. Here’s our collection of marketing budget templates from Microsoft, NAB and Capterra.

Start your 2020 marketing budget today.

3. Australian Marketing Events

Marketing Events and Conferences in Australia

It’s important to keep up to date with what the marketing, advertising and PR industry is doing. Each month gathers marketing meetups, talks, and functions from around Australia. You can check out the latest events covering copywriting, SEO, social media, websites and much more. We love hearing about the events you’re hosting too, so submit your marketing events here.

Start planning your 2020 marketing calendar.

4. The Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Services


Since it was first conceptualised in the 1970s the act of outsourcing work has continued to evolve at a fast pace across the globe. There are many things to think about before sharing your workload with someone else. Is outsourcing something you’re considering for your business in 2020?

Here’s a list of pros and cons of outsourcing work.

5. 7 Practical Strategies to Promote Your Hospitality Business

Hospitality and cafe marketing

All businesses need marketing and hospitality provides a great case study on localised marketing. People must know the services you offer and your location, which is only possible through a well-planned marketing strategy. Hospitality businesses need a constant flow of revenue to keep the open sign flipped the right way around.

Join us for a look into local marketing with hospitality.

6. 9 Killer Excel Templates For Marketers

Excel Template Marketers

Excel is a powerful business and marketing tool, but numbers can be tricky. Here at we’ve taken the bother out of creating marketing spreadsheets for you. Get your research spreadsheet templates, marketing planning templates, marketing report spreadsheets and much more.

Check out our Excel templates for marketers.

7. How to Define Your SMART Marketing Objectives

SMART Marketing Objectives

Prepare your 2020 marketing for success with the right goals. Take the time to determine how all this new marketing collateral will actually improve the bottom-line of your business. Create your marketing objectives in a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely manner.

Write your 2020 marketing SMART goals now.

8. Australian Digital Marketing Podcasts To Listen To

Best australian digital makreitng podcasts

Podcasts are an innovative way to improve your digital marketing skills. The digital marketing podcast space is packed with professionals willing to share their expertise across a wide range of techniques and budgets. But which podcasts should you pay attention to?

Here are some of the top Australian digital marketing podcasts for 2020.

9. The Pros and Cons of Different Advertising Mediums

 Advertising mediums

Print, social media, traditional and web are just some of the advertising mediums you can use to promote your business. But with such a wide range of options, how do you know what will work best to meet your goals and fit into your marketing budget? Here at we have investigated these advertising mediums for you.

Read about the different advertising mediums for 2020.

10. Promo Planning for Pros: Sample Promotional Plan Template


What exactly is a promotional plan? It’s a tool that outlines promotional tactics, tools and resources, such as showcasing events, product giveaways and product launches. has collected an outline of a promotional plan template for you.

Get started on your 2020 promotional plan.

Are you ready to start marketing in 2020 now? You now have a framework on setting up SMART goals, marketing plans, marketing budgets, advertising types, industry events and much more. We love content on business, advertising, and marketing. Share your knowledge and write and submit your article

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