Page Speed Would Not Be A Reason Your Site Is Removed From Google Search

Page Speed Would Not Be A Reason Your Site Is Removed From Google Search – New update 2024

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Google’s John Mueller said that your site or page would not be removed from the Google Search results over page speed issues. He was asked about this on Twitter and said no, page speed wouldn’t lead to your site on the basis of page speed.

Here are those tweets:

Google has previous said that site speed is a teeny factor for ranking. Google also said that site speed is not why a site would see significant visibility changes in Google Search. Google has implied that the page experience update is a tie-breaker in the past but then said it might be little more than that. Gary Illyes from Google said the page experience update won’t be drastic and might be more like a tiebreaker signal than something really big. John Mueller of Google said this won’t be a drastic update like other Google updates, he added it will be a slow rollout and not felt too much. Danny Sullivan of Google said it won’t result in a massive change when rolled out.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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