Possible Bing Algorithm Update on January 18, 2023

Possible Bing Algorithm Update on January 18, 2023 – New update 2024

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Bing Algorithm Update

After a crazy December with Google updates, including both the Helpful Content Update and Link Spam Update, it seems Bing might have been holding off until 2023 for its own update. I received several reports of serious volatility with Bing rankings and traffic starting on January 18th into January 19th and I dug in a bit across sites. And yes, it does look like there was some type of algorithm update that heavily impacted some sites (across verticals).

Although most site owners focus on Google, there are still some sites receiving a lot of traffic from Bing. I know that might be hard to believe, but it’s true. I plan to dig in more soon, but for the sites I checked that surged or dropped, you can definitely see a distinct change in rankings and traffic across many queries starting on 1/18 with more volatility on 1/19. For example, for one site that dropped heavily, they used to rank in the top five for a number of queries, and many of those pages dropped to page two or beyond. Actually, I couldn’t even find the site for some of the queries anymore.

And for sites surging, I’m seeing some big jumps in rankings. For example, moving from page two and beyond to page one (and sometimes high on page one). And I can see impact across some international sites as well, so it does seem to be a global update. I’ve also heard from some people running sites outside the US that saw impact.

Here are some examples of surges and drops I’m seeing based on Bing Webmaster Tools data and GA data. Note, the update rolled into the weekend, so it will be clearer over the next few days for sites that were impacted:

Bing algorithm update January 2023

Drop in Google Analytics for Bing organic January 2023

Bing algorithm update drop in Bing Webmaster Tools

Surge during a Bing algorithm update in January 2023

Surge during the Bing algorithm update in January 2023

And here is volatility picked up by SERPmetrics for Bing starting right around the update:

SERPmetrics volatility for Bing in January 2023

Also, a quick note that Bing doesn’t confirm algorithm updates like this (unlike Google which has been announcing major updates for quite some time now). That said, I will reach out to some people at Bing to see if they can comment on the volatility.

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